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LinkedIn, in my personal opinion, is a remarkable (free) tool that every job seeker should be utilizing. I often tell my clients that most employers will ‘Google’ you – and not having a digital presence can be just as detrimental to your success as having scores of digital dirt flying around in cyberspace. Not only is LinkedIn a great place to stash the loads of information you cannot fit on your resume, but it also allows you upload documents, link to your personal websites, blogs, or portfolios, and portray your career and life story in a customized manner, separating you from your competition. However, the biggest advantage LinkedIn provides is the complex algorithm that compares the people you know to the companies, organizations, or contacts you want to know. This, above all else, closes the gap between you being ‘just an applicant behind a faceless resume’ to ‘a candidate who has personal knowledge of a company and the connections to get you in the door for an interview.’ All I can hope for my clients is that they have an opportunity to get in front of someone to show them their true value and contributions they can make to an organization. In so many cases, people apply online, their resumes get ignored, and job seekers fail to take a more active approach to finding gainful employment.  Here is an infographic that will assist you in getting your LinkedIn profile firing on all cylinders. LINK>>