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Ah yes, the dreaded cover letter! This daunting task has tanked even the best of us. To be honest, only second to resumes, cover letters are not my favorite task. However, they are a ‘necessary evil’, and if done right, they can help you stand out beyond your resume. So, what is the goal of cover letter development, you ask? Answer: To Get You an Interview! That’s it! Your odds of landing a job increase dramatically if you can get in front of a potential employer. Think about your cover letter as a marketing document only. Upon completing your cover letter, ask yourself if you would bring you in for an interview. If the answer is ‘no’, then go back to the drawing board. The only true measure of your cover letter’s effectiveness is if you are getting interviews. This article will help you create an out-of-the-box cover letter that might just generate some interest in your candidacy. Link>>