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I have to admit that navigating any type of diversity can be challenging. Whether diversity comes in the form or race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, etc., it is easy to confine ourselves to environments that support similar values, beliefs or modes of thought. It’s natural to want structure and efficiency in our lives, as this might be some sort of evolutionary function that has helped us sustain life for millennia. Whichever the reason, it has its advantages and, in many cases, extreme disadvantages.

Aside from the practical notions of ‘diversity’, diversity in the workplace is something that needs to be managed, supported, and encouraged. I agree that too much diversity of thought can cause stagnation; however, finding the right type of balance should be every organization’s goal.

Check out this small article by Regina Dugan, Facebook’s VP of Engineering. Here, she talks about furthering the concept of ‘diversity’, encouraging broad voices and broad representation in her team.  Link>>