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Trying to figure out what you want to do for a living can be incredibly challenging. In fact, what we do for a living has so much to say about who we are. After all, asking someone, ‘what do you do?’, in U.S. culture, can often be the second question you get asked behind, ‘what’s your name?’ Even Freud stated, “Love and work are cornerstones to our humanness.” Not only is it a huge part of our lives, but it often dictates our overall well-being. And, if it’s not in alignment with our values, strengths, and natural interests, it can negatively impact our personal lives, even if they’re healthy.

Truth be told, humans dislike change –it’s uncomfortable and we are certainly creatures of habit. However, the harsh reality is that we live in a constantly changing world where we are continually having to adapt to survive. This will especially be the commonplace as technology advances and new jobs are required to mitigate the new problems spawned by those innovations.

Like most things in life, solutions to problems often come to us in the form of counterintuitive thoughts and actions. Given our unwillingness to change, which probably also positively assists us in survival, reframing our desires about our career and life possibilities can be instrumental in how we approach any transition. Here is an interesting Harvard Business Review article on finding a job using disruptive innovation. Operating at this level of thought may just help you shift out of that funk that we all seem to get tangled in every so often.