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Job search burnout is probably the most common problem that I see in my practice when clients initially meet with me.  And, I have an inkling that the more barriers that an employer puts between them and potential candidates, the easier it is for them to manage the (sometimes) massive candidate pool that applies to that one job.  I get it, they want the “ball in their court”, so to speak.

So, how do you stand out amongst other candidates and take care of yourself in the process?  To summarize this article, here are 5 pro-tips to make you stand out, remain efficient, and increase your endurance while you are in the job hunt

  1. Quality Over Quantity – Get off of the big job boards, i.e. Monster, Glass Door, etc.  Use your alumni job boards (yes, even for those of you that graduated 20-30 years ago), professional associations, or specifically target companies that you want to work for.
  2. Think Like a Hiring Manager – Proactively reach out to hiring managers for companies that you want to work for – regardless if a position is open!  Contact information is so readily available for these folks via Google these days. You may have to dig, but it’s worth your time to track these people down.
  3. Change the Way You Network – Informational Interviewing allows you to connect with people who are doing the jobs you want to do.  Find these people on LinkedIn (or wherever), have coffee with them, email exchange, a phone call/ Skype, etc.  You’d be surprised at how willing most people are to help you with your quest for information about their company, a job, etc.    
  4. Take Care of Yourself – This is probably the most important component, in my opinion.  The fundamentals of job search are easy; however, the act of doing it can be taxing.  Being kind to yourself, asking for help or support during this process is paramount. Remember that you have value, you matter, and that there is a place for your good work in the economy.  Keeping digging and you will have success!
  5. Change Your Mindset – Adopt the HEROIC mindset – read the article on this as I can’t say it better than Rich Feller!