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All too often, clients seek out my services because they are unhappy in their current career. Some of them have reached a point where what worked for them in the past no longer serves their current needs. And, it is evident that some sort of exploration or transition is in order to rectify their current state.

In many cases, their workplace environments or job titles may have changed. We live in an age where jobs are being offshored, businesses are being acquired, or are expanding or contracting. Change is inevitable within any organization, but the high frequency at which this is happening now is more the rule than the exception.

Companies such as Google have been innovative in their desire to meet this new dynamic. Although they aren’t perfect, they continue to address the problems of the workplace and in creating a suitable work environment where everyone can flourish.

Check out this podcast on Hidden Brain (link), where the former SVP of People Operations at Google, Laszlo Bock, talks about his core belief that “people are fundamentally good.”   It is this belief that drives Google’s initiative to capture and retain talent in order to make employees happier and more productive.