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What is Career Counseling?

Traditionally, career counselors relied on assessments gathered from a person’s interests, abilities, values, personalities and backgrounds in order to decipher which career would be an ideal fit. Counselors could simply give you an assessment and those results would yield everything you need to know about yourself and what direction you should take your life. In a perfect world, this would be the solution. Unfortunately, the idea that assessments can tell you everything about you, is false. The truth of the matter is assessments are merely tools to supplement your career or life exploration, and that is it!

It’s not until recently that the integration of counseling and “career” became combined. If you ask most counselors, they will tell you that many people seek counseling because of one of two factors:

OnePersonal Relationships & Trauma


After all, it makes sense; we spend a good portion of our time working, away from our families and away from other things that are important to us. In U.S. culture especially, our work is tied heavily to our identity. Think about the typical question that people ask you when you first meet them – “What do you do for a living?” There is often a huge emphasis placed upon us given what we do and that can heavily influence our overall well-being.

What I can do for you

Every client is unique and comes to me with different needs depending on where they are in their life or their career. Some people need extensive A-Z support – from developing a focused resume and cover letter, designing a LinkedIn Profile, networking, value/strength exploration and identification, and career/ life exploration. While others may need something as simple as interview practice. Many of my clients tend to only need limited sessions in order to get what they need. After all, my goal is to not keep you in my office, but rather to get you out in the world, going after what it is that you discovered or reestablished.

The process

My process is simple – Let’s understand your values, your strengths, and what you do well. Generating self-awareness is critical to determining your career focus. If you don’t know who you are, it is difficult to know where you will go! Once this is established, we generate career possibilities and explore those avenues until you become clear on your career course. We then strategically figure out how to effectively market yourself, and eventually position yourself within an organization or educational institution. Please refer to the diagram below for a complete understanding of how this process functions.

Select a step to view the full Process Model…

(1) Generating Self-Awareness

(2) Career Exploration

(3) Creating Action

Program Services

Complete CareerCycles© Narrative Assessment

This holistic evaluation is aimed at discovering your career and life possibilities, formulating a Career Sketch, establishing a Career Statement, and generating a Possibilities and Exploration Plan (PEP).

Networking Possibilities

Strategizing on networking possibilities using resources such as LinkedIn®, local job-hunting consortium’s, and alumni career service centers. Assistance in sourcing out companies or individuals that may further your career or life aspirations via Informational Interviewing.

Resume Development and/or Makeover

Focused and collaborative interventions, highlighting your strengths, skills, abilities, and experience that will increase your marketability.

Cover Letter Review & Implementation

Focused and collaborative interventions highlighting your strengths, skills, abilities, and experience.

Full Counseling Services

Full counseling services, encompassing the review of assessments coupled with insights gained from our sessions about your future career and life direction.

Interviewing Preparation and Practice

One-on-one information gathering session, simulated interview practice, optional videotaping, constructive feedback, and improvement coaching.

Knowdell© Career Values/Motivated Skills Cardsorts

An in-house assessment that assists you in understanding your values/ skillsets that enhance your marketability and your career clarification.

Job Search Techniques

Learn how to navigate the hidden job market and expand your opportunity network.

StrengthFinder® Assessment

This online inventory evolved via the positive-psychology movement, which will move you further in operating from your strengths vs. your deficits

Schedule an Initial Meeting, Services/ Fees, & Forms

Before working with every client, I conduct an initial meeting to see if working together would be possible.  This process is accomplished by meeting together virtually due to COVID-19. During this time you can express your current situation and what you are looking for. I can explain and answer any questions you might have about how I can support you. If we find that working together might not be possible, I can provide you with alternative resources or referrals in order to make sure that your needs are taken care of. Any correspondence is strictly confidential. Fill out the form to the right, use the online scheduler below or contact me directly if you don’t see a time that will work for you. I do charge my hourly rate for this initial meeting of $150.00.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

- Arthur Ashe